Intervju: Anna Nilsson

Sommaren 2019 gjorde Rivsalt om sin hemsida och i samband med det producerade man också ett antal videofilmer med tre kockar och en bartender. Jag fick uppdraget att intervjua dem och skriva presentationstexter för hemsidan. Alla fyra är bra representater för varumärket Rivsalt. Med storytelling som grepp presenterar vi personerna i filmerna och deras drömmar och mål med syfte att inspirera läsaren som också bär på en dröm. Anna Nilsson har sin restaurang hemma och även om hon har flyttat från Malmö till Stockholm heter den fortfarande Amateur Malmö Home Dining.

Meet Anna Nilsson, owner of Amateur Malmoe Home Dining

Her dining table is a social network

Dinner at Anna’s place. Eight guests around her dining table, chatting. Old friends invited for a nostalgic evening? Nope. Many of them don’t know each other, and all of them are complete strangers to her. And that’s partly why they are there, to meet new people. The other reason is Anna’s cooking.

New menu every month

Anna Nilsson runs her restaurant Amateur Malmoe at home. The concept is called Home Dining and she’s been doing it since 2016, as her hobby. Never more than eight guests, always four exclusive dishes. She introduces a new menu every month on Facebook and Instagram. But only the main ingredients, not the details. Anticipation is part of the experience.

Turns street food into fine dining

Amateur Malmoe is a fine-dining restaurant. High-quality ingredients, beautiful plating, relaxed ambience. But to Anna, flavors that go well together are more important. Preferably new and unexpected combinations. She loves to be creative and often gets her ideas when travelling abroad. At a small family restaurant tourists rarely find, at a food market or when trying out local street food. And when she finds something she really likes? Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, she says. 

Amateur Malmoe – in Stockholm

Cooking is her passion, not her job. She gets so much energy from meeting her guests and being creative in her kitchen. It wouldn’t be the same if she had a conventional restaurant, she says. 

Anna moved from Malmoe to Stockholm in August 2019 to start her new position as Area Sales Manager at itrim. As soon as her new kitchen is in place in her apartment, Amateur Malmoe opens up again. She can barely wait. 

Name: Anna Nilsson
Age: 38
Lives in: Stockholm
Occupation: Area Sales Manager
Passion: Amateur Malmoe Home Dining restaurant in Vasastan, Stockholm
Favorite Rivsalt product: ”The blue salt because it enhances the flavors in a really nice way, especially with fish. Liquorice 003 is great with ice cream and other desserts, but I sometimes also use it with shellfish together with orange zest.”

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